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Filling in the Blanks:  With Liam Sharp providing the images for the #7 fill-in issue (& Bloodhound crossover), Arune Singh at CBR chats with him about drawing Firestorm.

Jolley Talks Double Duty:  Dan Jolley talks to Arune Singh at CBR about his Firestorm/Bloodhound crossover.

Jamal Ingle Steps Up to the Plate:  With issue #8, Jamal Ingle takes over penciling duties on Firestorm.  Here's a preview, thanks to The Pulse.

ChrisCross Leaves Firestorm:  Issue #5 will be ChrisCross's last issue as penciller.  Jamal Ingle will be the new penciller beginning with issue #8.  Check out ChrisCross's note on the message board at Comixtreme.

Firestorm Featured on the DC Comics Website:  Yep, that's right.  Ol' Flamehead takes center stage at the DC website.  Check it out for info on the 1st story arc and an intriguing interview with series artist ChrisCross.

CBR Interview with Dan Jolley: New interview with Firestorm writer at the Comic Book Resources website.

Newsarama Interview with Dan Jolley:  Check out this excellent interview with the writer of the new Firestorm Series!  Yes, it's true.  The mantle of Firestorm will be taken over by a new character, Jason Rusch, a 17-year-old African-American Detroit native who's trying to scrape up money for college.

DC Direct Figure:  Thanks to a great preview by Toy News International, we've been given our first view of the upcoming Firestorm Action Figure from DC Direct.  This figure is scheduled to arrive in stores December 22nd, 2004, along with the rest of the Justice League Series 2 figures of Adam Strange, The Elongated Man, and The Atom.

May 5th, 2004 - Firestorm #1:  As you probably already know, the series is launching in May.  There will be a 7-page preview in Wizard Magazine #151, which is due out in April.  Also, there's an article in Wizard Magazine #149 (on sale Jan. 28th, 2004) that has an interview with Dan Jolley.  It gives you an idea about what the new series will be about.  Man, this is exciting!!!  Be sure to reserve your 10 copies of Firestorm #1 today at your local retailer!

More Info on the New Series:  10/29/03  Looks like the new series will have a different character in the title role when the book hits the stands in April.  Check out this from Wizard Universe.com "FIRESTORM (DC): Where’s Ronnie Raymond? Newbie flame-head 17-year old Jason Rusch sure would love to know, because scary things are happening to his body and even scarier villains are breathing down his neck! Writer Dan Jolley (G. I. Joe: Frontline) and artist ChrisCross (Captain Marvel) blaze a new trail for Firestorm beginning in April 2004."

Firestorm Series Still On!!!!! (Part II):  The Sept. 25th, 2003 issue of Wizard, #145, mentions it in its "Buzz Bin" and an interview later in that issue with Dan DiDio, DC Comics' Vice President of Editorial confirms it!  "The new Firestorm is a priority of mine right now," reveals DiDio.  From the "Buzz Bin":  "DC's long-awaited Firestorm project will finally hit stands in the spring of 2004, with writer Dan Jolley (G. I. Joe: Frontline) at the helm. Fans can look forward to the introduction of a brand new character taking on the mantle of Firestorm. The artist hasn't been confirmed yet, but DC is rumored to be looking at ChrisCross (Captain Marvel)."  This was confirmed by Jolley on the ComiX-Fan Forums on Sept. 24th, where he says,  "I can finally talk about the new series!!!!!!!  Well, a little, anyway.  Debuting in April of '04, I'm writing a brand new Firestorm series, with ChrisCross on the pencils! There's not a WHOLE lot more I can say about (otherwise the DC marketing people will break my kneecaps) but the series will feature a completely new character taking on the "mantle" of Firestorm.  Stay tuned for more!"  This is exciting news for all of you Nuclear Fans out there.  Sure, we heard this same thing in Wizard exactly 1 year ago today.  So what?  This sounds pretty solid.  The fact that the creative team is hinting that Ronnie might not be in control of Firestorm in the new series kind of worries me.  But I have faith in DC and Dan DiDio.  He must be doing something right with all of the top-notch creators that he's signed to an exclusive deal with DC since he came aboard (Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Jeph Loeb, Grant Morrison, et al).  I'm willing to wait and see what the future has in store for Ol' FlameHead.  I have a good feeling.  For more info on this, check out the Newsarama article, "Firestorm Returns with Jolley & ChrisCross".

Big Changes for Ol' FlameHead in JLA:  What, you're not picking up JLA and you're a Firestorm fan?!??!  You need to get crack-a-lackin'!  As of the end of August 2003's issue #84 "Trial By Fire, Part 1" (cover dated Early October), it looks like the creative team has some changes in store for our beloved hero.  Let's hope Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen, et al bring Firestorm back to upper echelon of the DCU where he belongs.  Still don't have it?  Go pick it up!  Get two, and give your extra to someone you know.

Firestorm Series Still On!!!!!:   ...And Peter Tomasi will be the editor of this ongoing series, according to July 2nd reports:  Comics Continuum article, Newsarama article.

Firestorm Enters the Gaming World:  On May 28th, WizKids Games announced that Firestorm will be part of their Cosmic Justice HeroClix line due out this summer.  I know I'm going to try and get all 3 FlameHead figures!

New DC Comics Message Boards:  Starting on May 22nd, go straight to the New Firestorm Forum and talk about everything and anything to do with Ol' FlameHead!

Firestorm Series Put on Hold:  As first reported at The Pulse (Carey Out - Ongoing Firestorm Series Delayed - 5/14/03), it seems that the new Firestorm series that was originally slated for an August release date has been put on hold.  Also, it seems that Mike Carey will no longer be the writer of the new series when it does hit the stands.  Carey posted and explanation of events at the Firestorm Forum on the (old) DC Message Boards: "Sorry it came out this way. What happened was that Jen Contino emailed me about an interview we were trying to arrange, and I'd just heard that I was off the book so I told her the interview was sort of moot. I intended to come on the board here and explain the situation to everyone - which is basically that a decision has been taken to jettison the series concept that we had up to this point and take the entire thing back to review from the ground up. This means that there could still be a Firestorm book, but it looks as though if that happens it will be a different creative team and a different take on the character. I'm sorry - sorrier than I can say - because this was a book I really wanted to do, but there had been problems and delays that were nobody's fault, and I guess somewhere along the way the line just snapped and we ran out of time. There are no hard feelings, and I don't feel as though I've been badly treated: both Peter (Tomasi) and Steve (Wacker) have been great to work with, as was Dan. I just wish we could have made it happen. And I hope somebody else can, because Firestorm is too good a character to waste." (Link no longer available)

Firestorm Series Slated for August 2003:  With announcements at Comic Book Resources (CBR) and in this week's (Feb. 26th) Wizard #139, it has been confirmed that Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer) will be writing the new series.  However, Lewis Larosa will not be the artist as originally reported.

Firestorm Forum @ the DC Message Boards (Link no longer available):  February 11th, DC finally got wise and added a Firestorm forum to their message boards.  What do you mean you haven't checked it out yet?  Follow the link and go there now!  The question is this:  Is this a sign that the new solo series is heading down the pipes?  Keep your eyes peeled, and if you hear anything, be sure to e-mail me!

"The Power Company Goes Nuclear, Man":  Dec. 18th article at Newsarama.com about Firestorm and Kurt Busiek's plans for him in the pages of The Power Company.  Yes!!!  I'm so excited about this!  An excellent writer and a superb artist working on my favorite character.  Christmas came a little early this year!

Firestorm, Super Hero for Hire?:  It seems that Firestorm will not remain in the JLA after the Obsidian Age story arc.  If rumors (and the last page of November's The Power Company) are to be believed, Firestorm could soon join The Power Company as their new associate.

Firestorm Mini-Series?:  This is from Wizard Magazine #134, which hit the stands on Sept. 25th, 2002:  Firestorm's A'Brewin':  DC has announced that Mike Carey (Lucifer) will write an upcoming Firestorm mini-series scheduled for sometime next year.  While no artist has been announced yet (rumors abound that Carey's Lucifer penciller Peter Gross is on the short list), Jim Lee has designed the new costume, which he assures Firestorm fans, "will still have the puffy sleeves."  This is GREAT news for Firestorm fans.  Let's just hope Jim Lee doesn't change the costume too much.

Pocket Super Heroes:  The new Pocket Super Heroes from DC Direct hit the shelves on Sept. 11th.  In this Series 1 set were the "Silver Age" Firestorm and Red Tornado.

Firestorm Back in the Mainstream?:  So, what's going on with Firestorm these days?  Well, it has been several years, but it seems that our favorite Flame Head is finally getting his due.  After appearing in just about every major company crossover, it seems that Firestorm is hitting some of DC's regular series.  With an bit part in the pages JSA #35 Coverof JSA during the Stealing Thunder storyline, including a cover shot, it seems that Firestorm is finally reentering the spotlight.  The summer of 2002 will see Firestorm return to the ranks of the Justice League.  From the early previews, it seems that the regular "Big 7" line up of the JLA is heading to another dimension to find the missing Aquaman in a story arc entitled The Obsidian Age.  In the meantime, a new JLA is formed to watch over the world while they are gone.  This includes the fan favorite Nuclear Man.  Also, it has been said that some of the characters from the new lineup will remain with the team after the current story arc is over.  Hopefully, this will include Firestorm. 



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