About Firestorm


About Firestorm


Firestorm created by Gerry Conway and Al MilgromFirestorm was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom and first appeared in his own title, cover dated March 1978.   The first issue of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man hit the stands in December of 1977, though, making 2002 Firestorm's 25th anniversary.  Unfortunately, due to DC Comics now infamous "implosion," Firestorm's 1st title was cancelled after only 5 issues.  A sixth issue was already in the ashcan, but would not see print until many years later in DC's Cancelled Comic Cavalcade.  (For a synopsis of this sixth issue, just click here).

Since his debut, this fiery-haired powerhouse supported his second title for 100 issues.  This is a feat that is rarely duplicated in the world of comics.  He also went on to become a card-carrying member of the Justice League of America. 

Over the years, Firestorm has been through many changes.  He began as a merger of nuclear physicist Professor Martin Stein and high school jock Ronald Raymond.  Since then, he's had different people involved in his matrix and been a Fire Elemental with a completely different look. Currently, Professor Stein has merged with the Fire Elemental and is cruising around the universe, while Ronnie Raymond retains the original look and powers of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man.  Only now, without the knowledge of chemistry once provided to him by Professor Stein, Firestorm is not as sure of his powers as he once was.  In order to improve his efficiency as a super hero, Ron Raymond is currently enrolled at Ivy University and is being tutored by Ray "The Atom" Palmer in chemistry.  Firestorm remains a reserve member of the Justice League.


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